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17th August 2013
Oceano Hotel

Thank you for coming!

7/18/13: Change in Scheduled Ceremony Start Time

Due to a scheduling conflict with our venue, we've decided to hold our ceremony a half hour earlier, at 3:30 pm. As such we'd like to invite everyone to gather beforehand at 3:00 pm to be seated in preparation for the ceremony. We hope this won't be a great inconvenience to you!

7/1/13: Wedding Party Introduced

The website has been updated with brief descriptions and photos of 10 special people who we are lucky to call good friends! We are honored to have them be our wedding party.

7/1/13: A note about attire and weather

Half Moon Bay is a bit notorious for being unpredictable, so while we are expecting great weather, please bring a shawl or jacket in case it gets brisk! But never fear - only our ceremony takes place outdoors. The rest will be in the hotel. If the weather is very uncooperative, we'll move the ceremony indoors. Don't worry - there will be handsome ushers waiting to guide the way!


Our Story


I don't want to be cliche and say how lucky of a guy I am to have found Wei-Ling, so I won't. Frankly, I think both of us found an amazing stroke of good fortune. Great events in life can take turmoil and hard work to achieve, but every once in a while you come across one that just falls in your lap and all you have to do is embrace it.

The two of us finding and being with each other is just that; the good fortune of two souls finding and connecting with each other. Our relationship is just... natural. And as much as I could romanticize our times together, I couldn't ask for anything more than how natural things are for the two of us. Our days and time together feel right.


The story of Ben and Me starts with my next door (or next-complex, really) neighbor, Marcus. Yeah, really! Marcus and I got along instantly; we bonded over manga we read, and obsessively playing World of Warcraft. But something was very particular about Marcus: Many of his sentences often started with "My best friend Ben". My best friend Ben is super good at kung fu...My best friend Ben was my roommate at CMU for years...Check out this awesome photo of Ben being pranked while he's asleep! Hahaha.

Well, it would be a while before I met Marcus's awesome best friend Ben, but when I did, I instantly knew he really was that awesome. He was so laid back, adorable, and smart. And he was the best World of Warcraft player I knew. Yeah, really! We both took our time getting to know each other - first in-game, and then out of game, and then finally as a couple. Now that we are taking the next step to husband and wife, I expect absolutely nothing to change - and I couldn't be more thankful for that!

- Wei-Ling

The wedding will be held at

Oceano Hotel and Spa

280 Capistrano Rd.

on August 17, 2013

Seating begins at 3:00pm

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Where to Stay

  • Oceano Hotel
    Oceano Hotel and Spa
    280 Capistrano Rd. Half Moon Bay

    As close to the wedding as you can get! Rooms will be in the $230 range. There is an official room block at this hotel, but you can only book via phone! The block is not accessible online. Ask for the rooms set aside for the Wu/Deckinga wedding.

  • Beach House Hotel
    Beach House Hotel
    4100 North Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay

    Cozy 54-suite hotel in the $200/night range. Each suite has an open studio feel. Definitely designed for a romantic getaway! Reservations can be made by calling 800-315-9366. Just a skip away from Oceano Hotel.

  • Best Value Inn
    Best Value Inn
    3020 North Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay

    Two story exterior corridor hotel. Affordable rates and a 24-hour front desk staff. Free deluxe continental breakfast. Conveniently located off Highway 92 and Highway 1/Cabrillo Highway. Three miles south of the Oceano Hotel.

  • Comfort Inn
    Comfort Inn
    2930 North Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay

    This Half Moon Bay hotel is central to things the area has to offer. Minutes from Miramar Beach, Pillar Point Harbor, Point Montara Lighthouse, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and the Obester Winery. Three miles south of the Oceano Hotel. Pets are welcome for a small fee.

Things to Do

  • Coastal Trail
    Waterfront Coastal Trail
    Mirada Road off Highway One, Half Moon Bay, CA

    Easy and scenic hiking trail along the Pacific coast that measures six miles round trip. Ben and I love walking along this trail on a nice day, the road is right up against the coastal cliffs. Wonderful views, enjoyable on foot or on a bike, but definitely bring a jacket for the windier days! For more info visit Tripadvisor.

  • Sam's Chowderhouse
    Sam's Chowderhouse
    4210 North Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay, CA

    This is our favorite seafood house in Half Moon Bay! They have award winning lobster rolls, unpretentious oceanfront outdoor dining, and a stairway straight down to the beach for your post-dinner walk along the water! We love this place so much we almost had the wedding here! Make reservations to avoid the weekend wait! For more info, check out their restaurant website.

  • Montara Beach
    Montara State Beach
    8 miles north of Half Moon Bay, on Highway One

    We think this is the most beautiful beach in the area. It's a must-see if you've never been! There are two access points to get down to the beach, as well as a nice restaurant and bar (La Costanera) with a perfect view of all of Montara beach to go with your dinner. Point Montara also has a lighthouse that offers hostel accomodations. More info can be found at the California State Parks website.

  • HMB Brewing Company
    Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
    390 Capistrano Rd. Half Moon Bay, CA

    Great place to sit down and unwind. They have excellent food and fresh beer brewed onsite. You can sit indoors, outdoors or cozy up at the fire pits. They're also dog-friendly for those who are interested! They take online reservations, if you're keen on avoiding the inevitable weekend wait. More info available on their website.

Wedding Party

  • Marcus & Jong-Ling
    Marcus Wei & Jong-Ling Wu
    Best Man and Maid of Honor

    Marcus is Ben's brother from another family. They put up with each other for five years at University, and managed to also end up owning homes in California a block away from each other as well. Wei-Ling and Ben were both groomsmen for Marcus and his wife A.J. - now they are stoked to have Marcus and A.J. in their own wedding party!

    Jong-Ling is Wei-Ling's sister. The sisters share fond memories of sneaking videogames at 4AM and covering for each other when one played hooky from piano practice. Despite Jong-Ling's tough work schedule keeping her busy in LA, they keep in touch via silly instant messages and emails.

  • Nate & Jen
    Nate Deckinga & Jennifer Wang
    Groomsman and Bridesmaid

    Nate is Ben's oldest brother and was the first to introduce Ben to the world of technology and computer programming. He continues to be a great inspiration with the wonderful family he's surrounded himself with - his wife of 16 years, Ellen, and two amazing kids, Zander and Alyssa.

    Wei-Ling and Jen first met through an online art community while they were in middle/high school. After bonding online over anime and dorking out over videogames like Final Fantasy, they discovered they actually lived close to each other in real life too - and have been hanging out ever since.

  • Mark & AJ
    Mark Schreiber & A.J. Wu
    Groomsman and Bridesmaid

    Mark and Ben were classmates at University that shared a fondness for science, technology and lively discussion. Ben continues to regard Mark as one of the most genuine and thoughtful people on the planet.

    A.J. and Wei-Ling met through Marcus's sister Candice in dance class and quickly bonded through a mutual love of dance, pretty costumes and glamorous stage productions, cats (always cats!), and nonsensically cute toys from Japan. Fun Fact #2837: A.J, Marcus, Ben, Candice and Wei-Ling used to play countless hours of World of Warcraft together!

  • Luc & Doris
    Luc Deckinga & Doris Cheung
    Groomsman and Maid of Awesome

    Luc is Ben's older brother by 2 years. They shared many activities together growing up, partially with Ben being a clingy younger brother and partially with Luc being a fantastic older brother and putting up with him. Luc has always been Ben's great teacher; that isn't going to stop any time soon.

    Doris and Wei-Ling are kindred spirits and have been inseparable since meeting in 7th grade. They have been known to communicate solely in memes, movie quotes, and inside jokes. They share so many fandoms and nerdy hobbies that it would take forever to list them all. Having single handedly orchestrated Wei-Ling's bachelorette parties (2 of them!), Doris holds the special honor of being Maid of Awesome.

  • Don & JenC
    Don Xu and Jennifer Chan
    Groomsman and Bridesmaid

    Don and Ben met in high school and spent many days back home in Austin pushing each other into random adventures and hobbies, from spending a summer slacklining in a neighborhood park to spontaneous bike rides in Texas Summer heat. They hope do many more stupid things together in the future.

    Wei-Ling and Jen happened to meet at a random dinner during an anime convention, and instantly became great friends. The two took every opportunity to visit each other in Toronto and NorCal, respectively. While they continue to live thousands of miles away from each other, when they come together, it's as if they were never apart!


A Note About Registries

Your most precious gift is your presence; as such, we do not have a gift registry. If you would like to bring something, we'd like to welcome you to follow the Chinese tradition and bring a red envelope to the reception. More about red envelopes can be found on Wikipedia, here:


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